Dance on Paper

Sandra, Chung Nga-shan First Solo Exhibition

With Opening performance in cooperation with Venessa Chong 

Artist, Sandra Chung Nga-shan is pleased to present her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in which she has transformed a series of unique and delicate papers into three-dimensional (3D) art pieces.

Her passion for Chinese ink painting, and love of ballet have been sensitively combined with her experience of textile design, Sandra has explored and experimented with these apparently diverse elements to produce this current series of work.

“Movement and rhythm inspire my art practice; ballet is a reflection of my process. I think of basic techniques in dance and from these thoughts I create physical abstract forms with paper, yarn and wire, I produce objects based on and influenced by my body movement when engaged in my dancing. The physical objects produced are reflections from my mind. I enjoy experimenting with forms that reflect the often repetition process that dance is based upon. My art works are reflections from my own quiet space – I see my art making process, of tearing and weaving the papers and fabrics as a medative process”

To share with audience an improvisational experience, Sandra will stage an opening performance, in cooperationwith guest dancer, Venessa Chong.*

Dance On Paper Opening Performance

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